Monthly Archives: December 2013

Configuring the OpenInsight Debugger

OIDebuggerAs an Authorized Training Center for Revelation Software products, we see it as our duty to equip our students to be as productive as possible. This goes beyond tookit and syntax instruction. The developer should be aware of the various ways each tool can be configured. For instance, we often suggest that the “Minimize Workspace” checkbox be set in the Form Designer Preferences dialog so that developers can see what their form will look like on the Windows desktop.

Recently, one of my former students remembered that I had shared some advice regarding the OpenInsight Debugger, but he could not remember the specifics. He asked if I would remind him of what I had instructed. After applying the information I gave him he became a much happier developer. While this information has been familiar to the Revelation community for many years, I realized that many newer developers might not be aware of the ability to configure this underrated and commonly used OpenInsight utility.
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