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OpenInsight 10 Alpha – The New IDE

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If the title of this article seems familiar, it’s probably because we posted one with a nearly identical title last year. In that article we were able to discuss and show the new IDE via several screen shots. We don’t want to repeat the same information that was covered in that article as the improvements and benefits of the new IDE have not changed. The purpose of this article will be to expand on what has already been reported and update you on some of the further developments in the IDE. However, if you have not read our earlier article, then please take a moment to click on the link, review, and then come back for our follow-up below.

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OpenInsight 10 Alpha – The Conversion Process

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If “when will OpenInsight 10 be ready?” is the most common question we get asked, then “what will be different in OpenInsight 10?” (or some variation) definitely comes in second. To help our curious readers, we will once again attempt to answer this question by exploring OpenInsight 10 from a practical, or “need to know”, perspective. One rather important detail worth sharing up front is that all attendees of this year’s Revelation Software User’s Conference received a flash drive containing an alpha version of OpenInsight 10. This allows us to share information based on the presentations and hands-on experience with this very early release of the product. One last item before I move on: please do not ask for a copy of OpenInsight 10! This copy is meant only for conference attendees. (Editor’s Note: As noted in the comments, shortly after this article went to press Revelation Software made OpenInsight 10 Alpha available to all WORKS subscribers.)

We thought our first article in this series should focus upon what every OpenInsight developer will need to experience in order to test their applications in OpenInsight 10: the conversion process. Note, this is a conversion process, not an upgrade process. OpenInsight developers are quite used to running upgrades (after backing up of course!) in situ, i.e., against the current OpenInsight application. OpenInsight 10, on the other hand, will need to be installed into an empty folder. From here the conversion tools will be launched. This is very analogous to the ARev32 conversion process – including the way reports are generated that inform the developer what was completed and what items need further attention.

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RevCon 2016 and OpenInsight 10


When, When, When??? Those where some of the final words Mike Ruane had posted in his wrap-up slide for the 2016 Revelation Software User’s conference, which just ended early this afternoon. Clearly he understood that the foremost question on attendees’ minds before the conference (and much more by the end of the conference) was, “When will OpenInsight 10 be ready?” Before sharing Mike’s answer, I would like to refer back to the first article of my 2015 conference summaries, which was published slightly more than one year ago. In that article I wrote the following comments:

From day one of the conference people wanted to know when OpenInsight 10 will be released…My personal opinion is that we will see the beta available near the end of September 2015, if not later…Regardless of how well Revelation Software succeeds in their current timeline, it is very safe to assume that OpenInsight 10.0 (that is, Ten-Dot-Oh), will not be around until early Q2 2016. If you are the cautious type who is x.0 averse, then you will need to plan even longer.

So, how is OpenInsight 10 progressing? A proper answer to that question is a bit complex, and deserves to be handled through multiple articles that cover various aspects of the conference and the OpenInsight 10 product. Therefore, we intend to do just that.

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Comparison with 50 Clients – UD 5.0 Benchmarks – Part 3

UD 5.0

The previous articles in this blog series focused on the performance differences between the UD 5 and 4.7 by running tests directly on the server where the Linear Hash service was installed. This essentially limited our tests to single client loops that didn’t have the latency introduced by the network.

In this article the tests will focus on running OpenInsight across the network in parallel from 5 servers running multiple copies of the test program.

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