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Adding the SRP Editor to the OpenInsight Side Tool Bar

_0004_SRPEditorOver the years we have been asked if there is a way to launch the SRP Editor from the OpenInsight side tool bar. This request became so commonplace that we created a boiler plate email that we would send out to new customers automatically. Eventually we added this to our wiki site as a product related article. However, with the advent of our blog and newsletter we have come to realize that less is more when it comes to avenues for publishing helpful information. Therefore, we have shutdown the product articles and will be moving these into blog entries in order to give them a new home.

Once upon a time – pre-OpenInsight 8.0 – the only way to launch a third-party utility using the side tool bar was to hijack an original OpenInsight form belonging to an existing button (e.g., Editor, XML Workspace, C/S Workspace). This typically required that the form be renamed (if still needed) and a replacement version created whose sole purpose was to launch another form (e.g., SRP Editor). Needless to say, this wasn’t a popular solution unless the tool being replaced was really unnecessary. Fortunately, with OpenInsight 8.0, the ability to customize the side tool bar was introduced.

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The Case of the Jittery Java


Java. It is that program that is always installed on a system and is always asking to run updates. We don’t even consider it when troubleshooting an issue, but maybe we should…

Recently, a client requested for us to come out and give a tutorial on how to use their new smart barcode scanning units. These units are not dummy terminal barcodes. They are fully functional, windows mobile enabled, barcode units…very similar to what UPS uses in their major warehouse distribution centers. It is not a basic point and scan unit, there is some complexity to them. Fortunately, you normally setup these devices and they always work.

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