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Banded Report Writer Revealed – RTI_BRWSupport

Less than two weeks ago we launched a new blog series intended to provide greater depth of understanding and documentation for the Banded Report Writer. Our next two posts will focus on the primary system stored procedures (also referred to as the command line interface) that are provided to developers so the Banded Report Writer can be nicely integrated into their applications. This first article will cover the RTI_BRWSupport function. Then we will move onto RTI_BRW_GenerateReport.

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SRP ActiveX Controls 4.0 Released

We are pleased to announce the official release of version 4.0 of the SRP ActiveX Controls.

The most notable change is that we have finally gotten rid of the single-control OCX files. SRPCore.ocx, SRPEditTable.ocx, etc. are all gone. There is now only one OCX file containing all our controls. This change in packaging will not affect which controls you are licensed to use. Other than some necessary changes to our upgrade policy*, you can still license controls one-by-one or all at once. This improved simplicity will lessen the headaches of deployment and version management.

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Banded Report Writer Revealed – Unpacking CFG_OIBRW

The OpenInsight Banded Report Writer (BRW) is the proverbial phoenix of reporting tools for our beloved development environment. Many fondly recall the Report Designer, a fairly robust reporting tool that shipped with the 16-bit version of OpenInsight. It was our first taste of a true WYSIWYG reporting tool…and it was banded. Regrettably, the source code went MIA prior to Revelation Software’s transfer to WinWin Solutions, Inc. This left us with a tool that still worked, but it could not be supported nor updated to work properly with the 32-bit version of OpenInsight. The next version of this tool was released in OpenInsight v8.0. It was an ambitious project, if only because it attempted to build upon one of Revelation’s prime directives at the time: build tools within the toolset itself. The final result bore much resemblance to the capable Report Builder (an R/LIST interface, written in BASIC+). As such, it showed some promise. Alas, this tool never succeeded, despite efforts to address various problems through OpenInsight v9.21.

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