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SRP Controls – When Methods are Better than Properties

SRP Controls

As any developer knows, end users are often teaching us programmers a few things from time to time. They instruct us to better understand their work flow. They point out flaws in our assumptions, especially regarding what we think is easy to use. They also help to expose gaps in our documentation.

Such became the case in a recent discussion forum thread involving the SRP Schedule control. In this case, the end user (i.e., a developer programming the control) found out that she could crash OpenInsight or produce some interesting visual anomalies through the repeated use of the TimeBlockList property. This certainly revealed a bug within the SRP Schedule control’s inner workings which we were quick to fix. However, it begged an important question: why had this gone unnoticed before, especially during our own internal testing?

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Looking Forward to RevCon2015

OIV10 Over two years ago the Revelation community was given an opportunity to see first hand how OpenInsight 10, perhaps the most significant release in over a decade, was going to be transformed in many significant ways. From the regular Carl Pates’ blog, to the 2013 User’s Conference, and the various road shows, one thing had been made clear: OpenInsight 10 will be more than a few new tools and enhancements to the core product. By any metric this release will be a complete rewrite with significant impact on future OpenInsight applications.

There is no wonder that the 2015 Revelation User’s Conference will be dedicated to showcasing OpenInsight 10. In previous conferences there was always a fair amount of presentations highlighting new features of the current release but the bulk covered a wide variety of topics, including beginning to advanced courses, practical techniques, and highly technical demonstrations from both Revelation Software staff and many community experts (including SRP).

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