Monthly Archives: August 2016

Automatically Rotating JPEGs


It recently came to our attention that images were getting rotated when being loaded into the SRP Picture Control. Admittedly, we were a bit skeptical we would reproduce the problem. We’ve added thousands of images over the years to our applications and never saw this behavior, but other customers confirmed the same behavior with many different images. It wasn’t long be we were able to reproduce the problem, although not all images would do this. What could possibly be going on here?

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Hooking in BASIC+

OI 10 Logo Transparent2

A respected colleague recently asked for ideas on how to audit the OpenInsight Editor++ so he can track when a stored procedure is compiled. We proposed a wrapper around the Editor++ commuter module. While our colleague was familiar with this technique, it occurred to us that some developers might not know how to implement this form of hooking into BASIC+. Software hooking is a well known technique used by developers and tools within various platforms. The concept allows a custom process to intercept function calls in order to monitor the messages being generated or, in some cases, to change the behavior of the function. This article will document how to create a stored procedure wrapper that can be used to hook into both developer stored procedures as well as (most) system stored procedures.

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OpenInsight LinearHash Service and High Server Memory Usage

UD 5.0

The rule of thumb when it comes to the Universal Driver’s LinearHash service and server performance is to have enough free physical RAM available on the server to fit all the commonly accessed OpenInsight database files (the LK and OV files managed by the LinearHash service) into memory. This article walks through the problems associated when requests for commonly accessed LinearHash files exceed the amount of available server memory.

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