Monthly Archives: September 2015

Asynchronous HTTP Requests

OI Cloud


There is no end in sight to the growth of online content and web services. Sooner or later your application will need to communicate with an online service for new functionality. You may need to interface your OpenInsight based application with a web API or simply need to download a file. This blog article walks through extending the built-in functionality to provide a more feature rich user experience.

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OpenInsight 10 – Universal Driver 5.0 (aka UD Grows Up!)

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When we wrote our article stating the reasons we were looking forward to the 2015 Revelation User’s Conference (and why everyone else should have planned to go as well) we noted one of the more intriguing enhancements was related to RevRCL (aka Universal Driver) and its ability to restore clients in case of a network disconnection. As it turns out, this was only one of many welcome enhancements that will come as a part of the new Universal Driver 5.0.

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