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OpenInsight 10 – Hope or Hype?

OIV10 Our apologies, the title of this article is a shameless attempt to get your attention. The truth is, nothing has excited the staff of SRP more regarding the future of OpenInsight than the planned release of v10. If you are a developer or consultant for Revelation Software products and have not been keeping tabs on its progress, we highly recommend you beat a path toward the Building OpenInsight 10 blog, bookmark it, subscribe to it, or use whatever your preferred method is for staying informed. Not since the dawn of OpenInsight 4, the first 32-bit release, has there been such a milestone in the history of this venerable product.

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The Next Evolution…

wordpress-logo-simplified-rgbAbout a year and a half ago we came up with the concept of creating a community for SRP customers and clients. This would be an area designed to allow everyone to share tips, tricks, and ideas on how to use and improve their OI application using SRP controls and utilities. All of this started with the creation of the SRP Wiki. We shortly thereafter added the SRP Forum, SRP Newsletter (The SRP Review), and the SRP Blog (The SRP Update). We quickly found our blog needed to have more communication between the readers and the writers. So to enhance the user experience we have decided to migrate our blog into a new site powered by WordPress. This allows the reader to subscribe to RSS feeds easier, leave comments/discussion, and interact with SRP staff and SRP community in a more enhanced way. So without further ado, we are pleased to announce the update SRP Update blog site!