Monthly Archives: October 2018

The Best Laid Schemes

Recently a client asked us if there was a way to call OpenInsight externally using a URL syntax. Initially we were confused because this client was already using the OECGI to enable HTTP access (i.e., via a URL syntax) into his application. After a few more email exchanges we came to understand that the client was interested in creating a custom URI Scheme for OpenInsight like so:

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Much ADO About Nothing

Over the past couple of years, SRP has been quite busy working with other development teams on projects requiring integration between OpenInsight and SQL database servers. In most cases, these systems already had interfaces designed around ODBC. While functional, we proposed converting these ODBC processes to ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) to improve performance, reliability, and ease of maintenance. While ADO is certainly not new and has been promoted within the Revelation community for many years, we’ve met a number of developers who are still unfamiliar with it. We concluded this is mainly due to two reasons: 1.) adherence to the adage, “if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it”, and 2.) general confusion about how to make it work. This article hopes to clear up any uncertainty regarding ADO and perhaps encourage others to give it another look.

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