Monthly Archives: January 2014

End_Dialog and End_Window, a Cautionary Tale

275px-SRP_Editor_500pxBelated Happy New Year to everyone. Project demands for SRP ramped up significantly at the end of 2013 and has carried over to 2014, which is why we are late in contributing to our blog as well as getting our next newsletter out. There are some very interesting product updates that we are excited about. Therefore, we hope to refocus on our publications shortly.

In the meantime, we wanted to share a quick reminder about the potentially unwanted, or unexpected, behavior of the End_Window and End_Dialog system stored procedures. We ran into this during a recent project wherein we have been retrofitting a 15-year old OpenInsight application with the latest version of SRP FrameWorks. One of our standard features is to add the caption of an MDI Child form to a clickable list of names (aka Open Windows) along the left side our our MDI Frame: Continue reading