Monthly Archives: October 2014

SRP Editor 2.6.2 Released

SRP is pleased to announce the release of SRP Editor 2.6.2. This release crushes several lingering bugs and offers some enhancements as well.

We developers have been known to rename a stored procedure from time to time. Most of us know that the name of the stored procedure as it appears within the source code determines the object code name. For example, your procedure name is TEST but you save it as MY_TEST. When you compile, the program will be stored as TEST and any attempt to call MY_TEST will result in a run time error. We decided it doesn’t make sense to ever have a mismatch between the name of the stored procedure in code and it’s source code repository ID. As of this version, when you change the name of a stored procedure in code, you will be prompted with the Save As dialog pre-populated with the new name. This should reduce unwanted errors and confusion.

Another handy feature is the new Find option in the context menu. You are used to highlighting text, pressing Ctrl+F3 to open the Find dialog, and then clicking the Find Next button. Now, you can right click on any word (or selection) and choose the Find option to immediately jump to the next instance of that text. This will make that text the active search, which means you can follow it up with the F3 (Find Next ) and F4 (Find Previous) keys. We think this minor convenience will accumulate into big time savings over the long term.

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