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SRP Resource Sites – Right Tool for the Right Job

SRP has long advocated a philosophy of “right tool for the right job” when building software applications. It was the driving force that moved us to develop our very first ActiveX control for OpenInsight. Continuing along this path has resulted in the development of several useful controls and utilities. This effort has allowed us to produce some fantastic software applications for our clients – using the very best that OpenInsight has to offer while integrating technology that goes beyond OpenInsight’s boundaries. Therefore, it was only natural that we should follow this same philosophy when it comes to our own online resources.

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Locking verses No Locking – UD 5.0 Benchmarks – Part 2

UD 5.0

In this blog series, the UD 5 Performance Part 1 article focused on benchmarks between the UD 4.7 and UD 5.0 using a simple read / modify / write loop running directly on the server. This article continues the same series of testing by including record locking in the test loop to compare the impact of locking between both Universal Drivers. Details about the test setup and testing environment are included in part 1, and since this is a continuation we will not review the details in this part.

Since writing part 1, Revelation Software also released an article on UD 5 and UD 4.7 Benchmarks. Their benchmarks compared the overall test time where as our series is more focused on throughput (records read/written per second). Two key differences between the Revelation tests and the testing methodology in our series is the Revelation Software benchmarks include locking and wrote new records into a new table. This series does not write any new records but instead modifies only existing records.

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