Monthly Archives: April 2015

OpenInsight 10 – The New IDE

OI 10 Logo Transparent2

As a first follow-up to our inaugural review of the 2015 Revelation User’s Conference and the public reveal of OpenInsight 10 it seemed appropriate to focus upon the heart of the product itself: the IDE. This also happened to be the first major component that was shown to the attendees who waited eagerly for the first glimpse of the long awaited product.

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Hiding OECGIx.exe Using URL Rewriting


With the rising demand for proper and established standards with web-based applications SRP has been rather busy implementing Representational State Transfer (REST) APIs. We will be sharing our experiences and best practice approaches to this in upcoming articles. Since Semantic URLs are often considered an important element of implementing RESTful APIs we wanted to lead off with an article that explains how all versions of the OECGI can be hidden from the URL.

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RevCon 2015 and OpenInsight 10

It is the week after the major company event of 2015 wherein Revelation Software at long last revealed to the public their upcoming crown jewel: OpenInsight 10. Certainly there have been glimpses of the product by those who diligently followed the Building OpenInsight 10 Blog. Yet, nothing compares to the experiencing of having the product make a live appearance, in full display, on the big screen, and in all of its shiny glory.

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