SRP Utilities 2.0 Beta

We recently announced that we were quite busy porting our products to run in the OpenInsight 10 64-bit platform. For various reasons, it made sense for us to start working on SRP Utilities rather than any of our visual (i.e., ActiveX) products. At this time we are pleased to announce the general availability of SRP Utilities 2.0 for beta testing.

This invitation for testing goes out to anybody who is interested, but we are primarily eager to have our SRP HTTP Framework customers give this a try. Much of our code that produces web services relies heavily upon various functions within SRP Utilities such as SRP_JSON, SRP_HashTable, SRP_Array, SRP_Encode, SRP_Registry, and SRP_Stopwatch. Not only will this provide a good testbed for SRP Utilities 2.0, it will provide our SRP HTTP Framework customers a way to port their web applications into 64-bit relatively quickly. As would be expected, we’ve been doing our own testing and are rather optimistic that everything is working as expected.

One critically important reason for our confidence in the SRP Utilities upgrade is the extensive use of unit testing. This is a new SRP Editor feature that we mentioned in our Looking Ahead into 2018 article. Suffice to say, we built unit testing into the product because we knew how vital it would be to successfully execute the massive task of upgrading dozens of mission critical functions. There were close to 100 individual unit tests created for SRP Utilities alone and these helped us to ensure that functionality in the new version would match that of the old version. We look forward to releasing the next version of the SRP Editor so others can also take advantage of built-in unit testing which should help to make code more resilient, bullet proof, and adaptable.

If you would like to test SRP Utilities 2.0 beta yourself just send a note to Please note that in addition to the 64-bit version we are still supporting 32-bit as well. Just let us know which version (or both) that you would like to test with. We’ll then send you the necessary RDKs along with information on how to report any issues you might experience.

3 Responses to SRP Utilities 2.0 Beta

  • Matt Crozier says:

    Hopefully not a silly question :-/, but can the 64 bit SRP Utilities be used with 32 bit OI 9.4, or can it only be used with 64 bit OI 10?

  • Don Bakke says:

    No, the 64-bit SRP Utilities are strictly for 64-bit OI. This is why we also have a 32-bit version of SRP Utilities 2.0. Hence, one RDK for OI 9.x and one RDK for OI 10+.

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