New Releases: SRP Zip Utility 2.0 and SRP Utilities 2.0.2

We have two new releases today. SRP Zip Utility joins the 64-bit family, and SRP Utilities gets a lot of much needed love.



SRP Zip Utility 2.0

The SRP Zip Utility can now be downloaded from our product website in either 32-bit or 64-bit. Much of it had to be rewritten from the ground up since the underlying modules weren’t ready for 64-bit. As a result, we took the opportunity to refactor some things about the API. Thus, SRP Zip Utility 2.0 is not a drop-in replacement for 1.x. You’ll have to make code changes.

There are two significant ways that 2.0 differs from 1.x. First, instead of nine disparate stored procedures, there is now a single service oriented stored procedure called SRP_Zip. Second, you now specify a zip file’s password in the “Open” or “Create” service instead of during the AddFile operation.

hZip = SRP_Zip("Create", "C:\", "Password1234")
    If hZip EQ 0 then
        Call Msg(@Window, SRP_Zip("GetLastError"))
    end else
        OSRead Data from "c:\sample.bmp" then
            SRP_Zip("AddFile", hZip, "myimage.bmp", Data)
    SRP_Zip("Close", hZip)

Check out the updated documentation for more details.

SRP Utilities 2.0.2

SRP Utilities also had to be rewritten from the ground up to support 64-bit. It might be understating a little to say that the product has had some growing pains in the intervening months, and we are grateful to our community for patiently helping us track down and squish bugs that were new to 2.0. We understand the frustration of encountering issues in a newer release that was never a problem in an older release.

There isn’t anything new in this release other than some minor features that should have been there from the start. SRP_Com was updated to better handle COM objects that return SAFEARRAY data types. SRP_Json was improved to better export and import escaped characters. SRP_Array corrected a lot of memory issues.

Check out the version history for all the changes and fixes.

OIX Roadmap

There is still work to be done to support OIX with our products, not the least of which is the SRP Editor. We postponed our efforts to port the SRP Editor in anticipation of receiving documentation for 3rd party tool integration with the new OIX IDE. We have not received any word on when this might be forthcoming so we aren’t sure what kind of options are even available to tools that want to integrate into the IDE. While tight integration has some advantages, it might pose disadvantages as well. For example, the SRP Editor uses a sophisticated Open dialog that shows both local and inherited entities. We would be loath to sacrifice those kinds of quality-of-life features for the sake of IDE integration, even if the documentation was available. In the meantime, we are putting work into porting the SRP Editor as is to OIX’s presentation server, so at least the SRP Editor could be available to OIX programmers as a stand-alone tool. We will happily look at the merits of integration with the new IDE when the information becomes available.

OIX is slowly increasing in adoption, and we are committed to supporting it with the tools you’ve come to rely upon.

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