New Release: SRP Mail 3.0

SRP Mail has been rewritten for better compatibility with OI 10, and it comes with a few quality of life improvements to boot. Make sure you read below before upgrading because there are some changes that could affect the transition.

Breaking Changes

SRP Mail has been rewritten using .NET, but Microsoft chose to not support SSL in its implementation. This is likely due to the fact that TLS is a more secure protocol that is ubiquitously supported these days. Thus, SRP Mail does not support SSL. This shouldn’t be a problem for most developers, but those still using SSL will have to modify their existing code to switch from port 443 to the port 587.

This is not a breaking change per se, but it warrants equal consideration. SRP Mail 3.0 requires RevDotNet. Now that OI 10 is coming into it’s own, .NET becomes an attractive option as it allows us to write DLLs that can be used by both OI 9 and OI 10. For you, the developer, this means ensuring that you run OI’s Client Install on each workstation that will be running it. This shouldn’t be a problem these days since you can’t use OIPI.NET or the Banded Report Writer without running the Client Install anyway.

Read Receipts are also no longer supported. This shouldn’t affect most developers. Even if you have been using SRP Mail to request receipts, odds are you aren’t getting them anyway since many email service providers ignore such requests.


SRP Mail 3.0 does fix an issue with 2.1.2. SRP Mail 2.1.2 can send emails with incorrect datetime stamps. The issue has to do with how localization is handled under the hood, so this issue may not affect everyone. This is another reason why we switched to .NET. We thought it wise to utilize a more proven API.

Drop-in Replacement

SRP Mail 3.0 still uses the same method as before, SRP_Send_Mail, with the same parameters. If you already use TLS and habitually run the OI Client Install, you can just install SRP Mail 3.0 and be done.

SRP Mail Service

New to SRP Mail 3.0 is the SRP_Mail service module. This module is a convenient wrapper around SRP_Send_Mail. You do not need to use it. Rather, it is there to remove some of the tedium. The Send service uses TLS with the traditional TLS port and automatically detects HTML whereas the SendUnsecure service sends emails using no security protocol.

Server = ""
Server<1> = ""
Server<2> = "myusername"
Server<3> = "password"
Result = SRP_Mail("Send", Server, "Test Subject Line", "", "", "Hello World!")

There is also a SendUsing service if you need to customize the port.

Upgrade Costs

SRP Mail 3.0 is a major overhaul under the hood with some helpful albeit minor improvements for our users. Therefore, we’ll be offering a 50% discount to existing SRP Mail customers to upgrade to 3.0. Customers that purchased SRP Mail since August 2020 will be upgraded at no charge, but we will need to generate a new license. Thus, anyone interested in upgrading should contact us at

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