SRP ActiveX Controls 4.0 Released

We are pleased to announce the official release of version 4.0 of the SRP ActiveX Controls.

The most notable change is that we have finally gotten rid of the single-control OCX files. SRPCore.ocx, SRPEditTable.ocx, etc. are all gone. There is now only one OCX file containing all our controls. This change in packaging will not affect which controls you are licensed to use. Other than some necessary changes to our upgrade policy*, you can still license controls one-by-one or all at once. This improved simplicity will lessen the headaches of deployment and version management.

This release contains a plethora of bug fixes reported over the past several months, too numerous to list in full. Many of our customers have been testing pre-release builds of 4.0 with these fixes to ensure a stable release build. However, bug fixes aren’t the only changes in 4.0.

The SRP Tree Control received the most significant enhancements. You can now add user defined fields to each item, allowing you to include unlimited amounts of meta data in your tree. This is particularly useful when your tree models complex hierarchies and relationships. For example, you might load a large tree representing all available reports in your application and use custom fields to associate internal report names with a given item. When the user clicks on an item, you can easily grab the report that belongs to it.

In addition to storing meta data, you can also take advantage of the Tree’s new filter technology. A filter is an expression that determines which items are visible. Using the same example above, you can allow users to search for specific reports. They could type “Text start with ‘Invoice'” to show only those items whose text begins with the word Invoice. Filters will even take user defined fields into account.

There are new features for many other controls, which you can review here or download from the link on this page. We think you will enjoy this release. 4.0 is not the end, however. We are always working on new things, so stay tuned.

* As indicated above, the SRP ActiveX Control upgrade policy has been updated to reflect the technological constraints of a single OCX file. We took this opportunity to revise our overall licensing policy, which now addresses deployment, upgrades, and support terms separately. Please take a moment to become acquainted with our policy.

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