New Release: SRP HTTP Framework 4.0.6


Wow…it’s been almost three years to the date since we announced the general availability of the SRP HTTP Framework. Don’t let the time gap fool you. This product has continued to go through ongoing updates and enhancements with new versions coming out on average every 4 months. Our only excuse for not posting additional notices to our blog site is that we’ve remained very busy building and supporting RESTful API solutions for our clients. It has been quite satisfying to see the diverse ways that we have been able to integrate OpenInsight’s flexible data engine, robust business rules language, and universally recognized and respected REST APIs.

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Monitor the Progress of OpenInsight 9 Index Update or Rebuild

dbmgrWhen rebuilding or updating a large index in OpenInsight 9, the user interface can go into a Not Responding state even though the rebuild or update process continues to perform the task. This leaves the user uncertain if the process is working or when it might complete. This blog article provides a strategy for working around this issue so you can monitor the process.

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Banded Report Writer Revealed – Programmatic Data Sources

Perhaps one of the most powerful yet underutilized features of the Banded Report Writer is the ability to pull data from programmatic data sources. As the name suggests, developers can define data sources using BASIC+ stored procedures as an alternative to the traditional method of pulling data from database tables. Conceptually, this should be very familiar to Revelation developers as this takes the concept of a calculated column (aka symbolic field) and elevates it to an entire table. In fact, our team takes its cue from this similarity and uses virtual table interchangeably with programmatic data source. If you are unfamiliar with programmatic data sources, read on for an explanation of how they are configured.

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