Copying the Universal Driver 5 to Another Server

UD 5.0

To install the Universal Driver 5, Revelation Software provides a temporary installation key for use during the installation process. This is different from previous versions of the Universal Driver where a static serial number was needed during installation. While the Universal Driver 5 installation key’s expiration date is sufficient¬†for most projects (and can be extended upon request) you may find yourself in the situation of having an expired installation key after hours but need to migrate to a new server. While installing from the setup file is the preferred¬†installation method you can manually copy the Universal Driver 5 to a new server following these steps.
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The Best Laid Schemes

Recently a client asked us if there was a way to call OpenInsight externally using a URL syntax. Initially we were confused because this client was already using the OECGI to enable HTTP access (i.e., via a URL syntax) into his application. After a few more email exchanges we came to understand that the client was interested in creating a custom URI Scheme for OpenInsight like so:

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Much ADO About Nothing

Over the past couple of years, SRP has been quite busy working with other development teams on projects requiring integration between OpenInsight and SQL database servers. In most cases, these systems already had interfaces designed around ODBC. While functional, we proposed converting these ODBC processes to ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) to improve performance, reliability, and ease of maintenance. While ADO is certainly not new and has been promoted within the Revelation community for many years, we’ve met a number of developers who are still unfamiliar with it. We concluded this is mainly due to two reasons: 1.) adherence to the adage, “if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it”, and 2.) general confusion about how to make it work. This article hopes to clear up any uncertainty regarding ADO and perhaps encourage others to give it another look.

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SRP Tech Bites v2

As a provider of two framework products for OpenInsight, we recommend our customers create a dedicated application (e.g., FRAMEWORKS) to maintain the original framework entities. Then the business (or commercial product) application should be created to inherit from this application rather than directly from the Default Inheritance (i.e., SYSPROG). This is easy enough when the local application has not yet been created. However, there are times when the child application already exists. This brings up the question, “Is there an easier way to change an application’s parent without having to back up the local app, delete it, and then recreate it with new inheritance?” Indeed there is.
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Restoration Projects

Data Restore

It is not a matter of if it will happen, but when it will happen: a system will require some data to be restored. Like any restoration project, there are numerous ways to approach this task and typically the best method will depend upon the scope of the restoration. In our world, this can range from restoring an entire volume of database tables to a select group of database rows. Recently, one of our enterprise clients ran into this very problem when pre-existing business logic simply wiped out a number of critical records. This situation quickly became an urgent priority since it was directly impacting production on the factory floor. Fortunately, since only a few rows were affected the effort required to recover the data from a backup was rather simple.

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OpenInsight 10 – Productivity Features We Love

OI 10 Logo Transparent2

Unless you’ve stayed in extended winter hibernation, you already know that Revelation Software officially released OpenInsight 10 three weeks ago. Furthermore, SRP embraced this release and was pleased to announce the general availability of our 64-bit controls and freeware utilities. The number of new enhancements and features in OpenInsight 10 can be overwhelming to learn. Fortunately, there are a number of articles and opportunities available to quickly get you up to speed. We encourage our readers to visit the following sites:
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